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His area of expertise is vivid and covers a lot of aspects of your daily living such as the following. Business and job consultancy Match making Horoscope analysis Fortune telling Vaastu Shastra consultancy Clairvoyance Stock market analysis Real estate investment analysis Gemmology Numerology Feng Shui Handwriting expertise The list is however in no way exhaustive.

Rajat Nayar has even done consultancy on successful conceiving and pregnancy apart from appearing on innumerable TV shows such as the Astrologer India TV over the last 19 years. Sounds interesting? How to reach Rajat Nayar?

You can reach Rajat Nayar over phone or in person subject to prior appointment. We have fully dedicated phone lines for the domestic as well as the international clients. Disclaimer : There are no guarantees that every person using this service will get their desired results for sure.


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Astrological results depend upon lot of factors so results may vary from person to person. Box: New Delhi Delhi.

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Feng Shui Feng Shui in India. Vaastu is a Sanskrit word.

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If we break it down, Vaas means to live and tu means you — combined meaning I can help unlock your destiny for good". Heavenly bodies like stars and planets have a language of their own, a language which is beyond the understanding of people with average intelligence, a language which calls for an extra stroke of mastery and devotion towards the planets as well as the equally significant, ruling lords of the same.

Only few among thousands of people are blessed with that extra sense of intuition and judgment which not only empowers them to read the language of stars but also to control them.

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Bharat Guruji, is the name synonymous to the accuracy of predictions. He very aptly, puts his unusual and divine talent at making predictions and prophecies as per the movement of cosmic objects and makes his prospects cautious of the coming events.

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He also offers perfect solutions to convince the stars and planets with regard to the circumstances. It was an emotionally exhausting phase of our life, which made us lose faith in everything. Details Subscribe. Examinations At present the Traditional Examination system is being adopted.

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